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SOS: Folder Moving Problem

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  • SOS: Folder Moving Problem

    Using Beyond Compare to move one forlder (only one document inside) between different Disk, at the end of process, the software warned a fault to setup the moved document in the new disk. This document is very important. Found the folder moved is empty, document disappeared.
    Immediately used Finaldata software, attempt to restore the disappeared document in both two disk, but faild (the restored document is damaged).
    PS: during the folder moving, another folder moving is in process and reported the documents inside have been infected by Virus Software and automatically killed.

    Question: how to rescue the document which failed to setup in the new folder, and was deleted with the orginal folder by Beyond Compare.

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    Sorry, Beyond Compare can't recover deleted files.

    You can try a deleted file recovery tool in the source folder. I've had good luck with Recuva in the past.
    Chris K Scooter Software