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Swap Sides BC2 v. BC3

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  • Swap Sides BC2 v. BC3

    I searched and read all the "Swap sides" and didn't see what I was looking for.

    Further I read this thread how it suggested that the button would be more standardized in BC3.

    My issue is that during the standard folder compare, instead of this button being directly at the top - in between both folders, as it was in BC2, it has now moved above and to the left within a regular toolbar.

    Working on a 22" or 24" monitor - it makes it even further to go to merely flip sides. Yes I have a short cut (~ which is close to the icon actually) but I still dislike this change. I believe the "move up one level both sides" replaced this icon.

    I would love the ability to see this as (at the very least) a choice option in the settings "show swap or show double move up". To me, the swap sides was -- where it was in BC2 -- 100% natural, and now? Poof. Gone. Cumbersome to get at.


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    If you right click and Unlock Toolbar Positions, do you have enough horizontal space to slide each over a bit?

    You will need to slide each toolbar into position starting from the right-most (default: Filters), then once in position, re-lock the toolbar.

    If you are still having any trouble, would you be able to provide a Full screen screenshot?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      See attached Aaron.

      1) I thought I tried this and the toolbars kept snapping back - but I was successful based on the "full screen" usage of the app and adjusting the toolbars accordingly. Top picture demonstrates this.

      2) However, the solution is only limited to that specific scenario. Once you change the size of the window, the toolbars will shift our out of line as per the bottom picture.

      Everything is fine with the "move up one level both sides" icon - since that is where the "swap sides" icon originally resided.

      Bottom line - most of the time I believe I use BC3 in full screen mode - and this solution does work, somewhat. But in the end, IMO a better solution would be to (now that the other icon has been implemented) give users an option. I must be the only one to notice/complain about this - maybe I am one of the few that uses the swap sides icon and/or only really cares about this. My brain always says "ensure production is on the left" - even knowing that if I accidentally go the wrong way, a popup "verification of differences override alert" (or whatever it is called) will appear. Instinctively, when I start the session (unsaved; on the fly) I want to ensure the sides are correct.

      At any rate - please consider adding this as a general enhancement request. I do see value with the other icon, but to me probably more of an "either or" depending on who is using it.

      Thanks for the tip!