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Anything I Can Do To Speed Up Compare?

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  • Anything I Can Do To Speed Up Compare?

    Hello All!!

    I have a question about speeding up the compare process.

    My old system configuration consisted of an external USB hard drive (left-side) and an NAS drive (right-side). The NAS drive was connected to my PC via ethernet using my wireless router. When I would run a compare it would take about 1 minute to fully check all file differences.

    I had to change my system however to where my PC is now using a wireless adapter so the NAS drive is no longer connected "directly" to my PC. The compare process is now WAY slower (like 10 minutes) I am assuming because the wireless connection is much slower than ethernet.

    OLD: USB Hard Drive->PC->Ethernet->NAS Drive
    NEW: USB Hard Drive->PC->Wireless->NAS Drive

    Is there anything I can do to speed up the compare process across a wireless connection?


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    Unfortunately, it does sound like your wireless network might be slower than your wired solution previously. What type of wireless network are you using: B, G, N, dual band N?

    What type of comparison are you performing in BC3? Is it a simple timestamp and size compare, or one of the content scans (CRC, Binary, or Rules-based)?
    Aaron P Scooter Software