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Setting default MP3 "important" tags

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  • Setting default MP3 "important" tags


    I'm having difficulty finding setting the default session "important tag" settings for MP3 file comparisons (in a folder comparison session).

    Maybe a brief description of what I'm trying to do wll help here:
    I wish to compare two sets of MP3's in folder view but ignore MOST of the tags (that have been extensively have been edited in one of the sets).
    I would like to mark as important, ONLY those MP3 tags/info which do not really change, such as; Data Length, Data Content, Bit Rate, Audio Length.
    I'm especially interested in two "default" tags/info fields that I cannot find in the rules I have seen so far;
    "Bit Rate" and "Audio Length". These are obviously present in every MP3, but I have not seen them so far in the "importance" selections.

    Presently, I can only find one place to set these "important tag" rules,... by double clicking an MP3 file
    to open an MP3 file comparison tab and THEN clicking the "rules" icon (the little footbal ref).
    This then brings up a list of tag checkboxes and a drop-down box to apply as "session Default".
    Unfortunatley, in this view ONLY the tags present in the file(s) I compared are available for selection,
    so I have to randomly click many files to deselect all the possible tags in my file set.
    (Note: clicking this "rules" icon when in the FOLDER view, just brings up the higher level options of whether to compare timestamp/size/content and so on.)

    I would like to find somewhere to specify the importance of ALL the MP3 tags for the default session, at least for the "mandatory" tags in ID3 specs.
    It would also help if I could specify that all tags are unimportant by default and then purposely select only those that I wish to be important.
    Currently, it seems to do the opposite,... setting all tags as important unless specified. Hence, extended ID3 tags that I have not yet deslected get set to important.

    Any pointers would be very much appreciated!
    I'm having a hell of a time recovering after a data loss and this wonderful program is so very close to helping me immensely!

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    You can set the global default session settings by going to the Home screen (the initial launch screen), then in the Saved Sessions list expand the "Edit session defaults" folder. From here, select MP3 Compare, then in the Importance tab uncheck the tags you wish to be important by default.

    These are the settings you are looking for, correct?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes Aaron, that's exactly what I needed, thank you.
      I actually found the "Home Screen" button shortly after my post,... \
      cunningly disguised as a little "home" icon :-)
      All the tags were there for me to select and it works a treat.
      What can I say, my brain took the day off!

      I must admit though, the MP3 specs (not this program) seem a little vague on the meaning/usage of many of the tags. Deciphering which ones I needed isn't immediately obvious.
      For example, TSIZ seemed useable but TLEN seemed to be inconsistently present.
      In the end I had to ignore ALL the tags and just go with a "rules based" content comparison with only the "Data" checkbox ticked.
      I anyone knows which tags consistently encode the audio length (in time) and the audio data size (in bytes or whatever), please let me know!

      Also, one of those I was really looking for, Bit Rate, actually seems not to be a "tag" per se (it's information in the MP3 header structure) and is not available to select as "important" at all.
      While it is obviously is reflected in the total file size, that is also changed by modification to the tags.
      That would be a nice addition to the program as it is a unique, unchanging parameter in an MP3 file.


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        Bitrate information is something on our Customer Wishlist, but is not currently supported in BC3. It would need to be part of "Data" for now.
        Aaron P Scooter Software