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Too long of timeout for unavailable server resource

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  • Too long of timeout for unavailable server resource

    In BC3, if I inadvertently open a compare to a server that is off-line, there is an excessively long time (several minutes) where BC is non-responsive. The "Stop Loading" button does not work and usually I just have Windows kill the BC task.

    Is there any way to shorten the timeout, or regain control of BC? If this is not possible in BC3, then perhaps in a future version?

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    This is actually the length of time it requires us to get a response back from Windows when we sent the abort command. If you enter the same path in Windows Explorer, you should also see a similar delay. Some newer versions of Windows remove the 'cancel' button or progress bar, but will still take quite awhile to pop-up the "cannot connect" error dialog. Some will still let you browse around, but if you wait sufficiently long you should still see the error pop-up eventually, even if you have browsed to a different folder in the meantime.

    If we find a way to workaround this, we'll certainly give it a try. However, we cannot force a close immediately since we do need to wait until Windows returns that the abort or timeout has finished.
    Aaron P Scooter Software