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Outlook PST file comparison in BeyondCompare

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  • Outlook PST file comparison in BeyondCompare

    Dear ScooterSoftware,

    BeyondCompare has made my computer usage life easy in lots of ways. Although I use various other software for various requirements, BeyondCompare continues to give a simple, no-hassle experience whenever I use it.

    One area where I could not find a suitable software so far; has been some utility for comparing Two Outlook PST files. I do not need to compare across two different machines, just Two PST files on one machine. I have always wished that it would be wonderful if BeyondCompare did the job.

    I did explore BeyondCompare forums and it seemed that this feature was on the wishlist until 2009; however around 2009 BeyondCompare endorsed another software for doing the specific job.

    Frankly, I will be more comfortable to use the feature in a software that I have been comfortable with - BeyondCompare.

    On further search around on the web I came across following page; which seems to suggest that PST specification might be officially available now.

    So can we look forward to have a robust and simple solution within BeyondCompare to compare two PST files the way we have feature to compare two REG files. As far as my requirements are concerned; initially I will be a very happy with having just a simple READ-Only comparison with feature to toggle the view between Flat and Folder.

    In folder view the message items should be visible under their specific Outlook folders.
    In Flat view the message items should be listed without their folders.

    I know once you go ahead; it will not be limited to just the above mentioned feature; we will get more; have been looking forward to version 4 of BeyaondCompare since sometime - if something like it is there in the next version then it would e really GREAT.

    Will look forward to your views.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Enhancing our PST support is definitely something on our wishlist and I'll add these notes and links to that entry. I'm not sure if this is something we'll be able to do for BC4, but it is something we can look into.

    If you are familiar with any Total Commander plug-ins that could support PST files as if they were Archives, we might be able to use those. More recent versions of BC3 can load the plug-ins as a new archive association in the Tools menu -> Options, Folder Views section, "Add plug-in..."
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Any updates?


      Any updates on this?

      PST compare would cause me to break open my wallet in 2 seconds or less


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        As a stop-gap it has been suggested that the PST files could be exported to CSV format and then compared with BC3 ...

        Has anybody given that a go?


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          We do not have any updates yet for PST support.

          We do not have this conversion, but if you find any command line program that can take a PST input, and output a CSV or Text, we could use that as part of a custom File Format. Here's an example for RESX files:
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Another option is to use a PST specific product, like SyncPST (
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Thanks Aaron!

              I may try the export to CSV option.
              I'm trying to run down a sync issue between Outlook and iPhone Sync. thru iTunes. It would be amazingly helpful to easily see what records are not getting sync-ed ...



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                I'm looking for this too. I am mostly interested in a contact compare. I too would pay a pretty penny for this capability.


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                  I have earnestly been wishing to have this feature because Beyond Compare already seems to have the structure and Eco-System for the feature - No other software / WorkAround may do it as efficiently as Beyond Compare can do it. May I please explain again what I am looking forward to have:

                  1. We load two PST files from local Machine.
                  2. They open in BC as if it is a Folder Compare with the Two PSTs behaving as Top Level Folders.
                  3. All folders in PSTs open as if they are folders/Subfolders in Folder Compare.
                  4. All Messages in the Folders open as if they are Files in Folder Compare.

                  So, we can use it the way we have been used to use Folder Compare. Can any other software give this convenience / efficiency. I think only BC might be able to do it.

                  Will look forward to you response.

                  Sanjiv Bansal


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                    Count me in! I made a mess of my outlook archive-by-year pst files. Duplicates and missing items across pst files. I'm comfortable with the BC architecture/ui and would much prefer using it to get these straightened out. Till then, I'm living with a zillion duplicates (sigh).

                    P.S. I've been a big fan of BC for many years - always the first thing I load when I'm wrestling with an upgraded computer.


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                      Thanks. PST comparisons is something still on our long term wishlist.
                      Aaron P Scooter Software


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                        Today again I needed to compare a few PST files, and again searched around for recent possibilities; and found that
               seems to have support for PST files.
                        However, I do not have "Total Commander" License; and do not know how to use this plugin.

                        Can you please guide me how can I use this plugin to compare two PST files in BeyondCompare4?

                        Further, seems to suggest that you have explored PST support possibilities and found it to be too big.
                        - makes me a bit sad!

                        I will look forward to your guidance and update.

                        Thank you again for the nice software.

                        With Regards

                        Sanjiv Bansal


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                          In the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Archive Types tab, Add Plug-in supports Total Commander archive plug-ins. After adding and restarting the program, the archive type will then be treated similarly to .zip files and other archives, as a folder in the Folder Compare. However, this can vary greatly in how the content is presented, depending on the plug-in, if it's in a readable format.
                          Aaron P Scooter Software


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                            Guys, I can see on Google search results that this did at one point exist, but that site is no longer online..

                            TotalObserver 1.2.0 - Total Commander
                   › plugring › totalobserver

                            I have a similar totally immense respect and appreciation for how BC has made my life easier over the years. And I also have a similar need to compare a couple of PST files. My attempts to archive 2018 (an effort that I've conducted on a multi-hours per day basis for almost a month) is driving me nuts.

                            So what I am looking for is a means of identifying what differences appear between these files. The PST files I am comparing have around 30k messages. One file has 481 differences, and another has 297 differences. I need to learn what those differences represent.

                            Any help would be so very much appreciated.


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                              It looks like the packages it required to run became out of date:

                              We don't have any methods of opening the PST files; you would have to have some kind of 3rd party tool to extract them, and we could then compare that content.

                              It's still an item on our wishlist to better handle these files, though you can see that it's not easy to implement or maintain.
                              Aaron P Scooter Software