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Two BC windows, each has its own "workspace"?

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  • Two BC windows, each has its own "workspace"?

    I like the tabbed interface and use it daily. Usually I have only one BC window open, with multiple tabs inside. Sometimes I have two BC windows, each has a set of tabs. Is it possible to save each window into a separate workspace, and later choose to open one or the other or both? Right now when I try to open a workspace it always asks me to close all windows (there goes the "both" part).

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    Not by default, as both Windows are part of the same BCompare.exe process. If you launch a new window with a Desktop shortcut, with the extra parameter of "/solo", then each Window would be it's own BCompare.exe process and would be independent. Then a Save Workspace would only apply to that window. How does this work for you?
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      The "/solo" trick works well. Thank you!