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Can BC3 delete files that are the SAME between two sources? (Reverse Differential)

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  • Can BC3 delete files that are the SAME between two sources? (Reverse Differential)

    I would like to use BC3 to perform a reverse differential backup. That is, the latest backup is always a full backup of the source (e.g. my cell phone). The previous backup is only the folders and files that are different than the current backup. I do not need redundant copies of files that are the same.

    What I would like to do is use BC3 to compare the latest (full) backup with the previous (full) backup and remove from that previous backup folders and files that are the same as the latest backup.

    Next time I perform a new full copy backup of the source (e.g. cell phone), I will compare it to the current (full) backup and turn it into a differential backup.

    Is it possible to use BC3 to compare two folders and delete from the second folder all folders and files that are the SAME compared to the first folder?

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    You can compare the two locations (Most recent backup to Version Prior), then enable the Display Filter to Show Equal, and the View menu -> Only Compare Files. Then use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files, and Shift + Arrow keys to select one side or the other.

    This would leave you with a select of only the equal files on the Prior Version side, which you could then delete.

    It is also possible to do a similar workflow with BC Scripting, but I strongly suggest testing in the graphical interface first. This would let you know if you need additional criteria beyond Timestamp/Size (Binary?), and allows you to preview the action before you take it.

    **BC3 does not support Undo, so please be certain you wish to delete this selection before committing the action**

    Script does not preview the action or support Undo, so please test with test data while learning how script works.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the very quick reply. I will give your suggestion a try on some test files.


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        It looks like your suggestion did the trick. The prior backup went from 32GB to 3GB. That is a huge difference!

        Thanks again.