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  • Finally a suggestion...

    I've been using BC for over 100 years now. (ok, just 4 or 5, but it seems like 100) and its a great piece of software, I like it so much in fact, I bought both the windows and linux versions.

    Yes, some people think its easier to warez it, but these guys are worth the cash.

    Now, normally I don't ever have a need to suggest any suggestions, as you guys stay up nights thinking of ways to improve upon it, but I do have one thats come up quite a bit lately. (past year)

    If I'm doing a work for a client and they use a wordpress template.

    If its a major change that I need to make to the template/theme they've installed, I'll make changes in several templates files, and I want to keep a record of all the files I changed and on what date.
    So that when the template developer, comes out with a new update, I can just compare the files I changed (and only those files) with the files they changed in the template update.

    Now Snapshot, doesn't do this.

    In fact, it just takes a snapshot of the whole folder, and tells you which files changed. What I have to do, is take a snapshot of my local folder with the changes, the remote folder before I make my changes, and then the new folder, after I add the template update.

    Too much work.

    What would be so handy, is if I could just keep track of the files I changed in BC3, by highlight all of the files that I'm changing, then right clicking on them, and click 'track these files' let's say, and it keeps a record of all the files I highlighted. Probably not the best explanation.

    Granted, it would be great, if every client allowed me to create an SVN, or GIT account and track their changes at the server level, but eutopia is far away.

    So the ability to track the files I update on the server, by somehow tracking them in BC3, (all the left to right uploads I do, something like that), and letting me rehighlight or select just those files.
    Just to know what I updated from the left to the right, is the idea. And to be able to re-highlight ONLY those previous files, would be amazing. Then I could just right-click and compare only those files.

    If there's a better suggestion, I'd love to hear it. I just figured since BC3, does everything else, this might be a a good addition.


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    Thanks for writing in. Your support definitely helps the continued development of Beyond Compare.

    As for you suggestion: if I understand your workflow I might have a suggestion for you.
    First, you would take a Snapshot of the base template. As you make changes, you can compare your edited version of the website template against the snapshot of the base template, select the differences on the edited side, and create a backup of just the differences using the Copy To Folder command into a folder (or name a .zip destination and BC3 will create a .zip).

    You could keep the old folders/zips around as previous incremental backups, or delete them and keep only the newest, full package of changes. Remember to keep the relative folder structure in the folder/zip, to easily load it as a base folder later.

    Once the customer updates their site, you would have an folder or zip of only the files you've edited, and you can compare these against their new version of the site.

    Once the new site is updated, you would take a new snapshot to use as a new base, and repeat the process.

    We have a couple KB articles on similar subjects:

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software