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Unable to copy C:\xxxx: File is open in read-only mode

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  • Unable to copy C:\xxxx: File is open in read-only mode

    Attempting to copy a .HTML file a .WAR file (deployed at the time into a Tomcat web server), and get the following error:
    Unable to copy C:\project\Acme\status.html: File is open in read-only mode - Native error: 00032
    The error is a little confusing to me, for if the file "status.html" is open in "read-only mode", then so what - the file should still be able to be copied, right? So I assumed the "file" the error message refers to is the destination file, e.g., "C:\Program Files\myCompany\AcmeWeb\webapps\Acme-client.war", but I have no applications that have that file open.

    Digging a little more, I used the (owned by Microsoft now) tools ProcessExplorer and command line tool "Handles" and cannot find any reference to either the source or destination file.

    My Configuration:
    Windows 7 Pro 32 bit
    BC v3.3.1 (yes I know it's old, I'll try the newer 3.3.7 version).

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    New wording to error using BC v3.3.7

    Upgraded to BC v3.3.7, and error message is now:
    Unable to copy C:\project\Acme\status.html: Access is denied


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      Thanks for the update (and trying to update to 3.3.7).

      This is a somewhat poor error message from our zip library, and we'll look into improving it if we can. What it really means is that the Archive is read only, and we fail to copy into it.

      While not open by another program, is it possible that the archive is read only for any other reason? Does any file fail to copy into it, or just this one? Does a reboot help? If you make a clone/copy of the .war file on your Desktop, and try to copy into it, does that succeed?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Found issue - Need Admin privileges in running BC in this scenario

        Since I was copying into a file located in C:\Program Files\, I needed to start BC3 using the "Run As Administrator" capability of Windows 7.

        Hope this episode in forgetfulness on my part will help someone else.

        By the way, if BC could check for this particular error scenario, and gently remind me that I am trying to do the impossible (write into Program Files as non-admin), it would be appreciated and take BC even more into the upper strata of really useful and intuitive programs (where BC is lonely I must unfortunately opine).
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