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Expanding folders in edit menu

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  • Expanding folders in edit menu

    An enhancement request for BC-3.

    The "Expand all" folders command in the edit menu expands everything. It would be useful to have a command that fully expands a selected folder or folders, but not everything.

    Reason for the request: I have a saved session that opens the root folders of a disk to removable media comparison. Normally I want to pick and choose rather than doing a full synchronisation. So I have to do an expand all, then double click on several folders that are not important today to close them.

    Related topic: Neither "Expand" nor "Collapse" are in the help index that was installed with BC3.3.7.


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    These commands are available in BC3. Right click a selection of subfolders and use Open Subfolders or Close Subfolder. If either is disabled, you can add them to the context menu using the Folder Compare's Tools menu -> Customize Commands.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you Aaron. If the BC3 menus were consistent or the help pages were better I might have found the command myself.

      The Edit menu has "Expand all" and "Collapse All" entries. The Action menu and, as you pointed out, the right-click menu have "Open subfolders". It is confusing to have different names and use different menu for very similar operations.



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        Hi Aaron,

        Close Subfolders doesn't work on multiple selection everytime.
        I tested Music vs. Music4mobile (different compression and tags, display filter=orphans only), selecting folders A and B (from A to Z of course), Open Subfolders opens A and B but following Close Subfolders only closes B while A is still selected (if I first select B then A A is closed, so Close after Open closes the last selected folder). A new selection of A and B works fine.

        Greetings Lutz


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          Thanks for the report, Lutz. It should affect the whole selection; I'll open a tracker entry to investigate.
          Aaron P Scooter Software