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Can BC be used as a de-duplicator?

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  • Can BC be used as a de-duplicator?

    I've used Beyond Compare to compare folders and files, but I have a client that needs her hard drive analyzed for file duplication.

    BC is "close", but I can't think of a way to make it work as a de-duplicator, but it is close enough I thought I'd ask.

    And if not, any recommendations for deduplication software?

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    BC3 does not have a de-duplicate scan; our Folder Compare aligns two locations side by side by file name. There are some dedicated tools out there. I would recommend searching "Duplicate File Finder" to find various solutions. One such I've found is an older blog post here:
    One of the more tedious tasks in cleaning up your computer to reclaim hard drive space is finding and deleting duplicate files.  Today we look Duplicate File Finder from MindGems, a free utility for finding and getting rid of the extra baggage.
    Aaron P Scooter Software