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  • Upgrade license from Standard to Pro

    Hello, we recently upgraded our license from Standard to Pro. We already have a user base that has the Standard license installed and we are trying to find a way to make it recognize the new Pro license during an uninstall/re-install process. What I am experiencing is that the old license is being remembered and it’s not seeing the new license file in the install directory.

    We have done:
    Uninstall existing/Standard version using: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\unins000.exe" /SILENT
    Re-install new (updated) w/Pro license: BCompare- /SP- /SILENT /NOREBOOT (With license file in the installation source directory)
    Upon opening the application it is still in Standard mode.

    Can you help by providing a sequence that will force it to recognize the new license? We do not want to have to email the registration code to users with instructions as that will take much too long and introduce trouble tickets from those who don’t understand or have trouble.

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    Hello Doug,

    I see the email you sent in that I replied to on 4/18. Did you get that response? The general tip is that you do not need to uninstall/reinstall BC3 in order to propagate the registration. You can replace the existing BC3Key.txt with the new version.

    The uninstall script below does not automatically remove the license. The install, I suspect, should replace it, but perhaps you are somehow ending up with one BC3Key.txt in a user's AppData directory, and another in the Beyond Compare 3\ install directory, which would cause problems. You would find the existing key in one of these two locations: %AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\, or in the install directory (ex: Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare3\).

    Please remove the older version of the BC3Key.txt.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I went back through and found that email...Not sure how I missed it. I have completed updating my process to delete the key in the users profile and that works correctly.