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Can I compare 2 groups of folders? For duplicate filenames with different extensions?

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  • Can I compare 2 groups of folders? For duplicate filenames with different extensions?


    I have two groups of image files:
    • Source
    • Final

    Each has files spread across several subdirectories. And the Final has files all converted to a final format (.png)

    I'm trying to make sure that all files in Source "made it" to the Final.
    The file NAMES have not changed, but the extensions may have.

    Is there a way to do this in BC2? BC3?
    (I have BC2 but willing to upgrade if the price and features are right)

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    In BC2, this is controlled in the Session menu -> Comparison Control, Advanced tab: Ignore file extensions.

    In BC3, this is a Pro feature called Alignment Overrides, in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab, create a new Alignment rule, *.jpg = *.png (for example).

    You can install the BC3 trial without removing or altering BC2, if you would like:

    BC2 or BC3 should be able to align the files with a changed extension.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks. I also see that there is a checkmark for checking subdirectories in the background.
      I assume then that if I have:


      That this would then compare all files in the above two directories as if they were all in the Dir1 directory, right?

      So if I wanted to compare:




      I could do it this way, right?


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        No, not this way.

        To compare files within any directory, you would need to either change the base directories so they align relatively (using BC2) over two passes.

        In BC3, we have a View mode -> Ignore Folder Structure, which will remove the folder structure from view and only align based on file name. This assumes that all files in all child directories have unique names, as the name is required to align first before any comparison is run.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          So with BC3,
          Would that let me find duplicate filenes (with different file .extensions) in this case:



          BC2 :
          I don't know anything about the importance of Base directories in BC2. Looked in the help but only saw how to define them.
          Checked the online KB an only mention I found was in Scripting.
          Are you referring to Scripting?


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            With BC3, yes, those two files should align with both the Alignment Override defined and Ignore Folder Structure enabled.

            You can test this with the trial mode first (without uninstalling BC2), and let us know if you have any questions.

            For BC2, the base folder is the folder loaded in the path at the top of the comparison on either side, c:\folder\folder2\Name1.jpg <> C:\ddrive\SubDir2\Name1.tiff

            The base folders would be:
            c:\folder\folder2\ and c:\ddrive\

            There isn't a way to ignore the structure in BC2; you have to change the base folders to get the folders to align, to then align the files.
            Aaron P Scooter Software