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Option not to cover up right most tab with navigation arrows?

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  • bcoldtimer
    Thanks for the help.

    As for the arrow placement it is a logical place to put them. I was just thinking that once the arrows appear, the tabs should not be allowed to appear at the same location. So for example this is good:

    and this is bad:

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  • Aaron

    Given our current toolbar, we have to place the arrow buttons in that area. We'll look into reworking this, but we have a workaround. If you are having trouble selecting any specific tab, you can right click to Select Tab -> (last tab), then Session menu -> Close tab (Ctrl+W).

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  • Option not to cover up right most tab with navigation arrows?

    When I have too many tabs in a window, two arrows show up at the upper right corner to navigate the tabs left and right. By default the arrows cover up the right most tab, making it difficult to close the right most tab. I have to first click on the arrow to uncover the tab, and only after that it is possible to click on the "x" to close the tab. Is there an option to not allow the arrows covering up the tab? Thanks!