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I don't want to do a compare, just a list of files

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  • I don't want to do a compare, just a list of files

    I am trying out beyond compare and have a question.

    I want to get a list of word documents sorted chronologically to see the most recent modified (a user deleted their recent files list and we are trying to recreate it).

    I set up a compare with the D drive on both sides (where the data is stored), chose a filter of *.doc* and chose ‘ignore folder structure’ and expand all.

    I get that list and can sort by modified date! Just what I need, but:

    It’s the same thing on both sides. Is there a way to reduce the width of one of the windows or not even choose to do a compare. I don’t see that in the sessions selection.
    Is there a way to print the first x files (or worst case, export the list to a text doc and I can delete all after the first x).


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    The width of the Folder Compare is not configurable, and we do not have a single sided view currently supported. If you do not wish to run a compare, you could load only one side and interact with it, instead of loading both sides.

    We also have various report types in the Session meun -> Folder Compare Report, such as Summary, which might format the data in a list closer to what you expect.

    You can also export a list by using the Edit menu -> Select All Files command, then right click and Copy Filename (then paste into a text file).
    Aaron P Scooter Software