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  • Live Hyperlinks in editor view

    I often run 2-way compares between text files which contain, among other things, the names of external files.

    I would really like to able to click on those filenames in the file compare window and have the OS launch the file using its default viewer.

    For instance, if the file compare sees a line such as this:

    "#AutoGenerated from D:\Common\Arch\x64\Lib\jlang\004\clip.e on 4-Apr-13"

    The particular path shown there would "magically" be a hyperlink which would launch the named .E file using whatever program Windows has associated with that extension.

    Is this at all within the ability of BeyondCompare3 ?

    I know this doesn't sound like a file-compare feature, and it's not, but in my case I am doing a file compare between two generated files and, if there is a difference, I need to open the SOURCE file, not the generated file, to make changes.

    B. Withun

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    Unfortunately, this is outside BC3's current support. We do not have a method for detecting file paths or clicking it as a link from within the Text Compare or other file level Session types. If you select the text, and copy/paste it into a Windows Explorer window, this would allow Explorer to launch the location or the default associated application.

    If this were in the Folder Compare, and you were selecting a file from there, we do have this option: either using our Associated Application command, or a custom Open With command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software