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Pay per hour to set up Beyond Compare

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  • Pay per hour to set up Beyond Compare


    I would like an expert to write up scripts to get this tool to exactly how I want it.

    Like :

    mark some numeric differences as unimportant(tolerance checks)
    ability to comment difference and save commented version with the underlying files
    save results
    identify differences from previous runs

    Please send me your offers to [email protected]




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    If you would like to request our help in teaching and using Beyond Compare, please let us know.

    The first step is to configure the graphical interface defaults to perform the comparison you are looking for. This gives more feedback and allows you to preview how things work.
    Once this is configured, we can then help setup an automated script that performs the same series of steps.

    We have a collection of videos here, including a Basics tutorial video:
    For defining text as unimportant, see this article:

    BC3 does not support an overlay of Comments. You would need to mark or edit the file itself, or generate a report (Session menu -> Text Compare Report).

    For identifying differences of previous runs, would this be:
    a pair of files, showing the text content differences between a previous version of the files and the current version?
    a pair of folders, showing a list of files and their status before, compared to the current versions to mark which have changed?
    Aaron P Scooter Software