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Preserve file attributes / owner in tar.gz

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  • Preserve file attributes / owner in tar.gz


    I rely a lot on Beyond Compare to edit/compare my tar.gz backups for multi versions

    My nightmare i that as soon as a file is copied from one side to another its attributes will changes as below:
    - if file exists and is overwritten, the destination file will have its attributes set to 444
    - if destination file is created, it will have empty attributes and the owner/group are not set

    Is it possible to copy permissions when synchromizing tar.gz files?

    If not, what format can I use to keep my permissions?

    The issue is same while using either the windows version or the linux one

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    Are you copying the entire tar.gz as a file, or have you expanded it and are copying the files within the tar.gz? BC3 could potentially be treating the archive as a folder or as a file.

    What is your current source and destination? You mention copying with the Windows version, but then are also able to verify the attributes as 444. Are you copying to a Linux FTP or Samba Share? Copying from a local harddrive or a remote location?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Let's say I am under linux:
      I open my file.tar.gz in Beyond Compare
      I edit a text file in it
      I save it
      ---> my edited file inside the archive is now chmod to 444

      If now, I open file1.tar.gz and file2.tar.gz to compare
      file2.tar.gz is missing a file from file1.tar.gz

      I copy the missing file to file2.tar.gz
      ---> the new copied file inside the archive is now without owner info, and doesn't have any attribute


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        Forgot to say:
        After you sync the files like I described above, the modified permissions won't appear unless you exit completely the tar.gz, then you open it again in beyond compare

        Any hope this is fixed asap?


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          Thanks. I have reproduced that behavior and we'll look into it. If you perform a Full Refresh (Ctrl+F5), it should also show the attribute change.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thank you a lot
            It is really an annoying bug when working with source code. Sad as your soft is really optimized to handle source code

            Full refresh with the green icon (should be equivalent to Ctrl F5) doesn't always refresh these attributes. You really can be mistaken thinking all is good, but once you close and reopen file, you see the attributes changed

            It made me crazy looking at the cause of some bugs until I spotted my attributes getting wired