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BC: the savior of Git

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  • BC: the savior of Git

    (I did search for "Git" in the forums and found nothing)

    If BeyondCompare was able to compare versions (branches, commits, etc.) of Git side-by-side, it would be very popular, especially as BC runs on Linux.

    Git's biggest deficiency is that one cannot operate on more than one version at a time. I have actually created a separate, additional, read-only "master" repository so I can easily check the differences (and "rebase" interactively).

    If BC could do this virtually, it would become the de-facto UI for Git. I would happily pay another $30 for this add-on.


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    Hello Richard,

    Performing a diff on folders is not currently supported, but we have seen successful reports of using the -dir-diff paramter.

    We have a thread here:

    Please note the updated instructions for defining Git
    And that you might need the newest version of Git.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I understand and appreciate that BC can be the designated comparison tool called from Git (and TortoiseGit, etc.); I'm suggesting that BC be the primary interface, at least for comparison.

      I am not a command-line person. I dislike having to remember the state (or even which branch) of my repository. I really dislike having to type or paste long file paths. I want to see how things relate, not imagine them.

      Rebasing, while necessary, is a horror. How much better if BC could present a three-way merge of the conflicts in an entire repository, and how much better if the directory structure was visible, not just file by file.