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Comparison defaulting to Data

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  • Comparison defaulting to Data

    All of a sudden, I'm finding the beyond compare is defaulting file comparisons to data compare. It thinks the files are tab-separated values when they're plain text without any tabs.
    Did I do something to the settings somehow, or is it related to the latest version upgrade (3.3.8 build 16340)?

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    The default compare type is determined by the list of installed File Formats, in the Tools menu -> File Formats. If you go here, and look through the list top to bottom, which format matches your file extension first? If the format has a gold icon, it is a Data format and would open in the data compare. You can disable the format by unchecking it, deleting it, or by creating a new Text format and placing it higher in the list and associated with your file mask.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, that seems to help. I added a text file format at the top:

      (I hope the screenshot I attached comes through)

      Funny, I don't recall changing this list recently, certainly not deleting a type of "text"...



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        Which format was being used below? I noticed at least one more "Dump*.txt" mask. Was there another lower yet that matched on *.txt or similar, and had a gold icon?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Yes, below is the next page in that table, and it does show Tab Separated Values and the mask *.txt,*.xls

          Again, I don't think I changed any of these (other than adding yb dump and clarion source a long time ago), certainly not recently (and of course I added the *.txt at the top as you suggested and now it works)