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Feature Request - Skip Button

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add this to our Customer Wishlist as well.

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  • WindowsStar
    started a topic Feature Request - Skip Button

    Feature Request - Skip Button


    First of really like this software. Great Job!

    I would like to request a feature added a SKIP button. Many times I do huge transfers that have some huge 1, 2 or 8gig files; in the middle of the transfer I notice I did not really need to copy certain files and would just like to skip one or two files without canceling the entire job. Maybe because I had to select a complex list of folders, so stopping and re-selecting would take a lot of time. It would be nice to have skip button that you could press and it would skip that file(s). Be very nice if the SKIP was located next to the RED DOT X for canceling the transfer.

    Thank you.