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  • National date formats

    I'm a US tech working for a Canadian client. To preserve time stamps on FTP transfers I have loaded and run BC on their server rather than from my desktop.

    Currently BC file date formats are based on the parent workstation's Windows date display setting.

    As I'm sure you are aware, Canadians use a DDMMYY format rather than the good old USA MMDDYY format.

    I cant change their windows settings to the MMDDYY date display since that would totally ruin their day. However, I just cant seem to wrap my depleted brain cells around the DDMMYY date display format.

    How about enabling the date display format to be set inside BC settings, independent of the Windows date display format?

    This is driving me LOONIE! (get it? loonie?)

    Thanks, eh!

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    Your observation is correct. BC3 does follow the current Regional settings to determine how the date and timestamp are displayed, what is considered a decimal in the Data Compare, etc.

    These settings are per Windows User account in the Control panel. If you have your own Windows User account on this server, you can customize them in Windows without altering other users, but this would also impact the date displayed if you were to generate a Folder Report or File Report, which could confuse your Canadian clients.

    It is not likely that we would change this behavior, as it can already be configured per user if needed, and there would be many options needed if they could be overridden and represented internally.
    Aaron P Scooter Software