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  • Generate report of all file differences


    I know how to generate a (html) report that compares 2 folders or 2 files.

    But how can I get _1_ report that list all the file differences from a folder compare?
    Its tedious to generate individual file reports of dozen file differences.

    For example:

    == Start Report ===

    file 1

    line x
    liny y

    file 2

    line z
    liny w

    == End Report ===

    Is this possible out of the box or with a trick?

    Thanks for your help, Tom

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    It is definitely possible. From the graphical interface, in the Folder Compare, select 2 sets of text files (4 files total), then go to the Actions menu -> File Compare Report.

    This will generate a single report containing the file differences (text level).

    Another tip is to use a combination of the Display Filters (Show Differences), Edit menu -> Expand All and Select All Files commands. This would leave you with a selection of all files that match the display filters, which you can then generate this report on.

    You might wish to run a Rules-based comparison from the Folder Compare, so only Rules-based different files are shown. Otherwise, the timestamp/size different files would be selected, but might not have any content differences to report when selected and generated.

    A similar set of steps can be done from scripting, using the expand all, select, and text-report or file-report commands.
    Aaron P Scooter Software