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Non destructive sync at the command line

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  • Aaron

    If you need to perform a back up first, instead of using a Sync command, I would recommend a combination of selection and copyto commands. This way, you would first select your right.older.files, and then copyto a backup folder location. Then select your left.newer.files and left.orphan.files, and copy from left to right.

    To select items in subfolders, please issue an "expand all" command, then proceed to the selection.

    BC3 also has an option to auto-backup in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Backups, but this only saves one level of backup. If you are already using scripting, I would recommend using the above method to create your own backup folder structure.

    Please test with already backed up or test data, since BC3 does not support an Undo command.

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  • buckley
    started a topic Non destructive sync at the command line

    Non destructive sync at the command line

    With Beyond Compare its possible to copy files from left to right and have the files that it overrides at the destination be copied to a sperate folder.

    I need this functionality from the command line but there is no switch for this functionality right?

    My usage scenario is that I am deploying a large website where I don't want to be destructive (deletes) at destination side.
    Goal is that the deployment first copies over files before it deletes/overwrites them :

    - folder1\file1 (file that no longer exists at destination after deploy)
    - folder1\file2 (original file that was overwritten at destination after deploy)