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Keyboard shortcut to choose session type on startup

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  • Keyboard shortcut to choose session type on startup

    Unless I'm mistaken, there's no keyboard shortcut to activate the buttons on the left side (in the "Compare" region) of the default startup screen?

    Can such a feature be added? I almost always want to do text compare, but sometimes a data compare, and I'm kind of mouse-averse.

    Pressing `t` for text compare and `d` for data compare (or Alt+t, etc.) would make the program nicer to use.
    This could be documented at the end of the status bar description when hovering over the buttons, and also to the right of each item in the `Session` > `New Session` submenu.

    Thanks for the great product.

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    BC3 currently supports accelerator keys for the menu items at the top (Alt+S, N, then arrow keys and Enter).

    If you want to start in the Text Compare almost all of the time, you could set up BC3 to launch that way. Launch the window as a blank Text Compare, in the correct position and size, then use the Session menu -> Save Workspace.

    Next, in the Tools menu -> Options, Startup, you can set to load that workspace on startup.

    We also support drag and drop, if you did want to use the mouse. You can drag and drop the files on the main BC3 window, which will launch the default compare for those files (unless you drop on a specific button, at which point that button's compare type will be used).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I've used the keyboard to navigate the menu, but it's too cumbersome. Shortcut keys to go directly to a session type would be a cheap feature and would help bring usability in line with user expectations for such a commercial windows application.