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  • Single report showing changes

    The report shows which files have changed, that's great, but I'd like to include a summary of the actual changes in the report. This will allow others to have a single report showing all the changes made, and where the changes are.

    It doesn't have to show the actual changes in full, but an indication of where in the file(s) the changes are, is what I am after.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks, and thanks for developing the software.

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    We do not have a summary of changes, but we do have file level reports on an entire set of files in a folder. To generate this report from the Folder Compare, switch the display filter to only Show Differences, then use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files. This would leave you with a selection of the different files. Then use the Actions menu -> File Compare Report to generate a report (side by side, summary, etc) and set to only Show Mismatches to generate a report of the text differences of each of the different files.
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      Perfect - thanks for the quick reply