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Manual copy line from one file to another

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  • Manual copy line from one file to another

    I use BC(now 3) to compare changes in souce code. I use the "Next (Previous) Dfference" to go through the differences. I have the selection set to go through the file one line(difference) at time. I use "Copy to Left(Right)" command to accept/not accept the change. I then repeat the process

    In BC2, I always used(I had to) the "Next Difference" command to go to the next different.

    In BC3, sometimes I am positioned to the next difference upon completion of the copy, and some times I am not. The positioning seems to depend on whether the "copy to" side has orphaned differences.

    Since I am doing this process rhythmically, the different behaviors very annoying.

    Is there a setting/command to 1) at best, always move to the next difference (on either side) or 2) emulate the BC2 behaviour of having to manually going to the next difference?

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    BC3's toolbar button defaults to Next Difference Section, and a section is a configurable number of nearby different lines. If you wish each line to be independent, you can customize this in the Tools menu -> File Formats, specific format, Misc tab, and enable "Lines are independent".

    BC3 also supports Next Difference, which does to the next different text within a line. You can customize either hotkey in the Text Compare's Tools menu -> Customize Commands.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      In addition, BC3 also has an automatic option to "Go to next difference after copying". It is in the Tools menu -> Options, File Views, Next Difference section.
      Aaron P Scooter Software