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File deletion - no confirmation required?

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  • File deletion - no confirmation required?

    I've been using BC for many years, am now running v 3.2.4, and for the first time ever, I had a couple files selected for comparison and apparently hit "delete" instead of "enter." Took me a moment to figure out what had happened, but I apparently permanently deleted the selected files from both my development and production servers by hitting the wrong key in the folder compare window.

    Is that right? No confirmation at all on file deletes, just bump the wrong key and files (or entire directories) are just gone from both sides? That's really scary. If Dreamweaver hadn't locally cached the file I deleted, I'd be in a world of hurt right now.

    Is there a way to force delete confirmations or even to completely disable deletions altogether?

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    By default, hitting the delete button or key should prompt with the "Delete" dialog, allowing you to select which side to delete, showing a preview of the # of files, and an option to use the Recycle Bin. "If possible" means we attempt to send to the Recycle Bin, but if this is disallowed due to different factors the files are deleted permanently. For example, deleting a file on a network drive or FTP would not be sent to the Recycle Bin (which mirrors the behavior of Explorer).

    You would then need to hit Enter or click "Delete" in order to initiate the delete itself. Did you perhaps accidentally hit enter automatically after hitting the delete key?

    We do have a Tweak to full dismiss this dialog, but it is a hidden option in our Tweaks dialog (Ctrl+Shift+T), Folder Views tab, "Confirm file delete". It is enabled by default. Did you disable this at an earlier time?

    We also have an option on this Tweaks tab to "Require explicit side selection in Delete dialog," which could act as a second level of confirmation for you. Enable this, and you must check the side to delete before committing the delete.
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      Aaron, thanks for the prompt reply. In truth, I'm not sure what happened with those files. The process of selecting & opening a pair of files has become pretty automatic and I only became aware that something was wrong when they dropped off the file list instead of opening.

      I located the tweaks you suggested and enabled the explicit side selection option so with any luck, I won't have the problem again.