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Revert Session Settings?

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  • Revert Session Settings?

    Often when comparing in a saved session, I'll want to make a temporary change to a filter, or some other setting, then want to revert to the original settings without reloading the Session. Is there a way to do that?

    If not, it sure would be a nice feature to have.

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    We do not have the revert option, but you can Lock your original session to prevent accidental changes from being saved to it.

    In most cases, our revert method would be a toggle or MRU. For file name filters, for example, the Filter dropdown on the toolbar would have the last few filters used, and you could switch back using this method. Display Filters can be quickly flipped between, or use the Suppress Filters toggle to view the suppressed items as teal. Other commands, such as switching the comparison criteria, would require re-running the scan.

    Are there any specific settings or commands you are hoping to quickly hop between? I might know of a tip or two that could help.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Here's my typical case. I diff large source code trees, but exclude files that always have differences but rarely change, e.g. web.config. But there are times where I want to see web.config, so I remove it from the filter to see it. Now my session is "dirty." It'd be nice to just be able to revert the session to its original state and not mark it as "dirty" so it doesn't prompt me to save the session.

      It's a nice-to-have feature since it's a minor annoyance to change a filter, change it back the original, then be prompted to change, when it isn't really different.


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        If you Lock the session, it would not be marked as dirty and wouldn't prompt to save the session. This is under the Session menu, or on the Home screen you can right click a session name and Lock it.

        You can then switch filters from the original set to the web.config and back using the Filter dropdown, depending on which you need to see at the time.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks, I think Lock will get me there.

          I often toggle file filters, or day filter (see changes only today)