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    I'm trying to track Windows DFS synchronization (it was broken for a couple weeks) and want to include the same filter that we use to exclude file copies. I am using -(~*, *.bak, *.tmp) for a filter but the results still show these files when they are orphans. I have "Show Differences" selected.

    Also how can I instruct BC to perform a rules-based comparison when the files are the same size but different dates. In most cases, these files are identical (I don't know why the dates aren't the same but our users haven't noticed yet).

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    1) The file name filters must apply across the board, but you can use the filter dropdown to show everything, then set the Display Filter to review Only Orphans, then switch both filters back.

    2) In the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab, you can enable Timestamp, Size, Override Quick Tests, and also enable Rules-based and Skip if quick tests are equal. This way, if timestamp and size are both equal, the Rules-based scan is skipped. If either test is different, then the Rules-based scan will be run and will override the previous results if needed.
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      I made the changes to the session settings, which helped with automatically comparing files with different dates when the file size is the same.

      Why can't I apply the filter -(~*, *.bak, *.tmp) to exclude these files from being compared?


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        You can use a filter to exclude:

        This will apply to both sides and remove all files that match these filters/extensions, regardless of if they are paired with another file or if they are orphans. You would need to use the Display Filters to Show All, Show Differences (including Orphans), or Show Only Orphans, or Show Differences no Orphans, etc. The various view modes can be found in the View menu, on the toolbar dropdown next to the Show Differences button, or if you use the Toggles view mode.

        I think I understand the question now, and -(filter) is not the correct syntax. The reason they were hidden before is because they were equal or orphan, and your display filters alone were controlling the visibility. I would suggest starting with Show All, to help determine if the file name filter is properly hiding them, and then enable the more detailed Display Filters to narrow down your comparison from there.
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