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installing version 3 with version 2

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  • installing version 3 with version 2

    I finally have a need for version 3 features. But I have a zillion configurations and settings in v2 so I need to keep both.

    I've read a post where you can have both installed, however, there are some things that I suspect would collide:

    How do you handle the right click context (select left side, right side, etc.) menu items between the two versions. Are there any other registry entries that are affected?

    Are there any other considerations that I need to know about?

    I have a scheduled task that uses bc2, will it be affected?

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    The right click context menu is a little tricky. Both appear, and both have the same name, and the icons are similar. If you are able to distinguish between the icons, you could theoretically use both, but I would recommend enabling one and disabling the other, which can be done at any time in the:
    BC2: Tools menu -> Options, General section
    BC3: Tools menu -> Options, Startup section

    The automated task would refer to the BC2 install in Program Files\Beyond Compare2\BC2.exe.
    BC3 would be installed in a different location: Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe. You should be able to setup/configure either for automated work independently.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or other concerns.
    Aaron P Scooter Software