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Getting started under SuSE11.0

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  • Getting started under SuSE11.0

    I seem unable to locate any special instructions for installing Beyond Compare under SuSE 11.0 so not sure what is expected of me at this point. I downloaded the rpm version and installed it with YaST as I usually do for rpm files. This added a new menu item for launching the program but when I do, it seems to try to start then silently fails. Nothing happens. I am running this under KDE3 and do have X11 support.

    I wonder if there is an evaluation time period or do I have to purchase a license straight away without being able to test it first to see if it will be suitable? If so, where do I find instructions on how to install the license and configure Beyond Compare?


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    Hi Marc,

    We don't expect you to pay for BC without trying it out. This is probably a problem with one of the shared libraries. Try running it from a console and see if it gives any output.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      [email protected]:~> bcompare
      Runtime error 230 at 0808565D

      Thats all that happens.... Marc..


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        shared libraries


        The "Runtime error 230 at 0808565D" is consistent with a shared library problem.

        'bcompare' that you run is a shell script that loads the location of the library and the calls the binary (BCompare). With a rpm install the actual binary should be in /usr/lib/beyondcompare.

        To check the shared libraries, from a command prompt, could you please try

        >> ldd /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare

        This will give a listing of all the shared libraries needed and which ones are not found. Doing this externally you should see as not found. This is expected but you can check that is in /usr/lib/beyondcompare just to be sure.


        David J Scooter Software