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  • Aaron

    You can export the diff image by selecting the center pane, Copy, then paste into an image editor, or generate with the Session menu -> Picture Compare Report, HTML output, and grab the source files generated for that report.

    Blend mode does not support a heat map overlay, but you can control the degree of blending. BC4 is also adding a quick toggle mode to flip between the two pictures, and you can also switch between other Display modes. If you are interested, please give the BC4 beta a try to see our new Picture Compare session enhancements.

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  • Wernight
    started a topic Export diff image

    Export diff image

    I expected to be able to save/export the diff image generated by BC. It would be useful for example to include a diff in bug reports, or even autogenerate it and save it when running tests (against a golden image).

    Also it would be nice to overlay the diff heat areas on top of the Blend Mode (i.e., the largest differences become colored in a bright color on top of the blended image). The diff color could be automatically selected (from the image color histogram) or manually selected, or even constant at first.