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Ignoring first line of CSV file in Data Compare view

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  • Ignoring first line of CSV file in Data Compare view

    I have a file that would have been in a proper CSV format if it wasn't for the first line, which contains a short description and time stamp e.g. "Accounting entries for 12-Dec-2014". I would like to ignore this line in the Data Compare view.

    Can BC3 ignore or remove automatically the first row so that the rest of the file can be treated as a CSV file and be compared in Data Compare view?

    Data Compare view allows me to have rules around numeric tolerances for column names and have key columns etc.

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    Ignoring header lines in CSV files for Beyond Compare's Data Compare (Table Compare in BC4) is on our wish list for a future version.

    As a workaround, you can make Beyond Compare treat the first line as column headers, then manually define the column headers. After you load your files in BC3's Data Compare, click on the Format toolbar button. Go to the Type tab. Change "First Line Contains" from "Detect" to "Column Names" and click OK.

    This will list the header "Accounting entries for 12-Dec-2014" as the name of your first column, but it won't be included in the data rows/columns.

    To manually assign column names, click on the Rules toolbar button. In the Columns tab, double click on a column to manually assign a name.
    Chris K Scooter Software