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  • Hex compare features

    Hi, i really like hex compare, i love it to compare and find offsets in similar files, but would it be possible to add some small features like:

    -byte-groups to view files as 16bit? For exampe not FF FF FF FF FF FF -> FFFF FFFF FFFFF
    -show content as decimal? For example FF FF FF -> 255 255 255 or FFFF FFFF -> 65535
    -show single bytes as binary in context menu with edit function, for example hex CE -> right click opens box 11001110
    -hide text data, same as it is possible yet with byte-address, would be

    I know these are a lot wishes, but i hope you think about it ;-)

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    Thanks. As noted, we don't currently support any of these 4 features (although, I thought we did the first ). I'll add them to our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software