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  • jpg not displayed

    I have a new camera and the pictures from this camera are not displayed in beyond compare 3 picture comparison (I see only black and white stripes).

    If I open the file with other picture viewers (Irfanview, paint and some other viewers) I get no error. In BC4 the jpgs are also displayed and I can compare them to other pictures.

    Is there any possibility to update the jpg-viewer in BC3? Or have you an idea, how I can check what's wrong with the image? (As I said, it is a new camera and I'm not sure if this is a BC3-problem or a camera problem and BC3 is the first program that can't correct it).

    I tried to upload the file, but the picture is too large (3MB).

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    Hi Knut,

    Beyond Compare 3 uses an outdated JPEG decoder that had a lot of edge cases it didn't handle correctly. We completely replaced it in v4 in order to improve compatibility, and unfortunately there's no way to apply those fixes to v3 or otherwise update it's decoding support. Ideally you should upgrade to v4. Short of that, the best you can do would be to add an explicit JPEG file format that uses an external conversion to re-save the files as .bmp and have BC read those instead. ImageMagick has a command line 'convert.exe' you could use for it, but it would add a lot of per-file overhead when it's performing the comparisons.
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      Thanks for the Info.

      good to know it's not a problem of the camera.

      The upgrade to v4 will follow.
      But actually I'm more familiar with the old interface.


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        You can try the trial here, before purchase is necessary:

        And we have some helpful interface videos here:
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