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Comparing contacts csv files - column names are not displayed

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  • Comparing contacts csv files - column names are not displayed

    As you can see in the attacked screenshot, although columns are identified in left and right file, the column names in the comparison are empty. What could be wrong? Thanks
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    In this dialog, the "Comaprison" column should have the 'left file' column names auto-inserted, and then it is used for the titles for the main interface. This also allows you to override the name with a custom name, if neither the Left or Right names work for the comparison title. It appears this column has been overridden with blank names (1:, 2:, etc). Did you edit this column?

    If you load a new, blank Table Compare, then load your files into it, does this column populate? If you go to the Format button, and under Type tab, set First line contains: Column Name, does this help with your files?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I did some tests and found out that the problem is the parsing/detection of the csv file. When I load some specific csv files into a blank Table Compare it doesn't detect the column names. I tried your suggestion, going to the "Format button" and under Type tab, setting "First line contains: Column Name", and that worked great. Thanks for you help.