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My BC 3 doesn't let me compare DDS images

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  • My BC 3 doesn't let me compare DDS images

    Hi. I use BC 3 since many, many years. First professionally, and since 2009 for game-modding, at home. Which in my case involves hefty use of DDS (DXT) image files.

    This file type never worked for me. It didn't bother me much, because I thought it is because DDS is a rather obscure format anyway, and forgot about it. Also, other file types are of much more importance to me, when it comes to comparison. But still...

    Now, thinking about upgrading to BC 4, I checked if the new version supports it. To my astonishment I saw my version 3 already should be able to cope with it. So I googled a bit, and stumbled over postings from people saying that at least with Windows 10, it should work out of the box. Because BC uses windows services for that, which are available in version 10. No clue if anything I read is true, or not.

    So I checked my Win 10 PC. I tried to handle DDS files with basic Windows functionality, programs, and apps. Usually, I use special tools. "Photos" app rejects DDS. Same result with "Paint". But the "Media Player" is able to display it. And the thumbnail view in the "Explorer" works well, I surely can see correct images in the "Extra large Icon view".

    Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? I haven't changed any program settings since ages, and don't remember much of it.

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    Would you be referencing this thread?

    It depends on the compression method, and if Windows 10 has native support for it. The thumbnail can be derived from different metadata, which is why it could be visible but not supported as the file itself.

    BC4's trial can be installed on Windows without removing or altering BC3 if you would like to test that Picture Compare before purchase is necessary. The BC4 is 64bit and has a lot of Picture Compare optimization, so you may find it runs much better.
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      Thanks for the reference, and also for the hint regarding BC 4 demo. I will try.

      Unfortunately, I can't use any other DXT image format than the ones the game requires. So a change of that is no option. I'l see.


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        Well, I skipped the demo, because I found out that my very old standard Windows/Linux from 2009 license is still worth a 50% discount. And I thought that some of the new features of 4.x are worth the $15 anyway, DDS or not.

        And what should I say: it worked for my DDS files as well. Nice. I need something like that not very often, but when, it is a big time-saver. I should have checked earlier.

        Thank you!