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Bug: uncontrollable horizontal scrolling of CSV files

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  • Bug: uncontrollable horizontal scrolling of CSV files

    In data compare, compare two CSV files with 78 and 74 columns respectively.

    In Session settings / Columns, move some of the final fields up and down (changing alignment between left and right fields.

    Manually scroll horizontally until these final fields are visible.

    Make some more changes to Column alignment in Session Settings. Click OK.

    Sometimes (not sure under what conditions), without any user input, the data columns begin scrolling to the right until both panels are showing their rightmost columns.

    It's impossible to scroll them back towards the beginning. Or, more precisely, one can begin to scroll them using the horiz scroll bar, but after a moment the program takes over and scrolls them back to the far right.

    I can email you 2 CSV files (about 40 KB each) for which this happens frequently, though unpredictably.

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    Certainly. Please email the files to [email protected] with a brief summary or link back here.

    If you find any more hints as to what causes it, please let us know.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, the files are on the way, though I've been unable to reproduce it quickly.