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Bug in cab compare

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  • Bug in cab compare

    I think I am seeing a bug in the cab "folder" support.

    It appears to compare the contents of the cab correctly, but the folder view doesn't appear to update to show the fact that the contents have changed.

    I am working on an installer with InstallShield 2008 and using Cirrus to copy the files over to the test machine. The build occurs on one machine, the test machine is a second machine and I run cirrus on a third. It appears that the folder view gets updated properly from the build machine but not the test machine.

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    Could you email a screenshot to [email protected] ? A copy of your BC (from the Help menu -> Support;Export), and the name of the session you are currently using to compare the cab files?

    If not, could you describe the contents in a bit more detail: Is the left side a .cab file accessed remotely? The right side also a cab file, or just a folder representing the files inside the cab? Which direction is the copy? Does the log give any indication that the copy failed?
    Aaron P Scooter Software