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Bug in data compare - extra key field added

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  • Bug in data compare - extra key field added

    I've run into what I believe is a bug in BC3 data compare. I am comparing 2 files that don't quite line up so I need to do some movement of the fields, and I also need to pick a different key field. In the process of doing this BC3 assigns a 2nd key field, which throws off the compare.

    I'm using V3 build 462.

    I have a simple way to reproduce the problem using the attached files:

    Run BC3 and start a new data compare
    Drag first.csv into the left pane, second.csv into the right pane
    Open the Rules dialog
    Delete the ID row
    Set Name to key
    At this point you see one key in the left hand comparison column
    Select Address thru Fax in the "left file" column and click the down arrow to line up city, zip, etc.
    Click Ok to close Rules dialog
    Open up Rules dialog again - You'll see that both Name and Number are listed as key columns.

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    I don't think my files came thru on my first post because they were .csv's. I've uploaded the 2 files as a .zip.


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      After doing a few more compares it looks like simply deleting a field in the Rules dialog messes up the key field. Looks like the index of the key field isn't being changed when a field is deleted? Not sure how you end up with multiple keys, but this one looks pretty easy to reproduce.


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        Thanks for the bug report. This will be fixed in 3.0.1. For now, click "Tidy" before clicking "OK".
        Erik Scooter Software