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IMAP syncronisation?

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  • IMAP syncronisation?

    Hi there, I was wondering whether you've considered an IMAP syncronisation option. This would allow me to backup my Gmail email to a different provider (or to a locally running IMAP server), migrate from one provider to another, etc.

    Just a thought (don't know how difficult it would be).

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We probably won't have a chance to do IMAP synchronization in the near future.

    What I usually do to migrate to another provider is open them both as IMAP accounts in my email client (Thunderbird), then copy the messages in the email client.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I'd like to endorse the IMAP folder sync request as well. We also use a mix of Thunderbird and Outlook for email (depends on th person), and have both individual email folders (often POP) and IMAP folders shared between multiple users into which emails relevant to specific projects / customers are copied. So there are two use cases:

      1. IMAP folder one side, IMAP/POP folder the other. Look at which individual emails are already in the project folder and be able to copy specific emails across from the second folder.

      2. Bulk copy, e.g. 2000 emails, from one folder into another. This often fails part way through, and there is no easy way to see which messages are already across and which have yet to be moved.

      Perhaps a paid BC plug-in (or attached to an existing BC installation) for Thunderbird is a way to manage the interfaces?

      BTW, BC3 is brilliant: have used it and its predecessors daily for 10 years this month, starting with v1.9! Thanks for a great product.


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        Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. I'll add these notes to our Customer Wishlist entry.

        We've got a few large projects on our plate right now, so it is unfortunately unlikely this enhancement would be coming soon; but if/when we investigate in the future we'll consider your scenario.

        If you have any other suggestions/questions, please feel free to let us know here in the forum or at [email protected]
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          +1 for IMAP support


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            This would be a real selling point for a future release of BC as it would add a bunch of new potential customers for the product.

            Application areas:
            • Migrating email from one account to another.
            • Organising email messages between different accounts.
            • Managing workgroup project IMAP folders.

            At its heart, IMAP is just a series of folders and files, just like a file system or (s)FTP is.

            Looking forward to seeing this sometime in the future.....


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              Hi Guys,
              How are you progressing on this request?
              As people have ever more email accounts, being able to migrate messages between folders and accounts becomes ever more important. I really think this would be an outstanding feature for BC that is not available elsewhere.


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                IMAP email synchronization is still on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare, but it hasn't been scheduled on our development calendar.
                Chris K Scooter Software


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                  +1 for IMAP sync.

                  I have a very pressing need for this for synchronizing a subset of folders with many hundreds (thousands) of emails to another account. It is mostly one way sync (copy) but enough time has passed that there may be subtle differences on both sides. I have started copying the emails using Thunderbird. however, as many here have also stated it is VERY slow and problematic, and very hard to tell how many emails have copied over when it fails and EXTREMELY tedious to figure out where to resume copying.


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                    Originally posted by twotone View Post
                    +1 for IMAP sync.
                    I agree that this would be a powerful feature and well worth paying for. I am currently struggling to deduplicate messages in folders on an IMAP server that can eliminate duplicates within a folder but not within a group of subfolders. Each of the folders reflects what an individual on a distribution list has kept. There are tens of thousands of messages in all and I have had a lot of trouble downloading them over a poor connection and I'm not confident in the accuracy of the local dedupe tool I'm using within Thunderbird. I'm getting slightly different test results locally and on the server when I consolidate things. An ability to see a side-by-side view to identify messages that exist on one side and not on another, using header info, would be a big help -- even without any copying / reconciliation / digital comparison/verification -- in verifying what the before and after message counts ought to be.

                    Currently the server end just reports a number of messages deleted and provides no chance to verify the deletions. I could let it rip and take my chances but I'd rather be sure I will not lose something that may be important later.


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                      Thanks for the example case and detailed description. This has not been a protocol we've been able to tackle, but I'll add your notes to our wishlist entry on the subject.
                      Aaron P Scooter Software