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Hex Dump Address Field - Build 450

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  • Hex Dump Address Field - Build 450

    The Address Field is displayed in a smaller font. On my screen it is almost unreadable. The Hex Data overlays the address field, so I can't see all the digits in the address.

    Second question. Why is there a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, when there is obviously enough space to display all the data?

    I have not changed any font attributes.

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    In the next release (451), the "Hex font" will be used for byte addresses.

    You're seeing the horizontal scrollbar because it is necessary to make sure that the left and right panes scroll together. Your left pane is wider than your right, so the left has to be able to scroll further than normal so that the right can fit in view. The same behavior will occur in all our file views including the Text Compare.
    Erik Scooter Software