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  • Picture Compare Flip mode

    I would really appreciate a feature like this.

    Picture Compare Flip mode between left on top of right for visual compare

    Left overlayed on right and perhaps even ability to have both and manually
    flip top layer on or off be able to mix together. I do a lot of visual compare work for versioning and design checking and this would just about eliminate the need to use a separate graphic display program for this.

    I know that I can swap sides to crudely emulate this but not as nice to use I think.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. Can you clarify your request? Do you want to do a horizontal or vertical flip of just the left or right image?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The ability to overlay the left image on top of the right in place.
      Being able to press a button to do this gives a great in place visual compare.
      Similar to switching in place layers on and off in a image editing program
      gives a way to compare 2 versions.
      I do a lot of graphic version control where I am looking at differences.
      The BC difference engine is great for spotting the change but rather
      that looking to the left and right to compare the actual image it would be nice to see both images together in one place layered on top of each other and the ability to switch on and off the top image to see the difference between each.
      The ability to fade or set the opacity of the top layer would be nice.
      This would not really be needed for the colourized visual dif section I think as
      this is more of a visual compare of the actual image itself against the other from a graphical POV rather than trying to spot where the change has happened which the colourized visual diff section does nicely already.

      I hope this helps.


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        If you implement the overlay feature, it would also be helpful to have a slider that controls the percentage of each image included in the composite, i.e., 0% = left only, 50% = half left / half right, 100 % = right only.
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          Hi David,

          Have you tried "View -> Mismatch Range Mode"?
          Erik Scooter Software


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            Yes this mode is good but I am really looking for a way to overlay
            just the both of the images and to compare the visual graphics and have a way to turn on and off the upper layer to see the differences in place.

            More for visual content checking and graphic difference rather than
            seeing isolated changes via a colorized visual difference.