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Data compare - bug - only first 128 records are updated

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  • Data compare - bug - only first 128 records are updated

    When I change the file format (I changed the column widths) during a data compare, a dialog opens with the text: "File Format(s) changed on disk. Reopen?". I click 'Yes' and the compare refreshes, which leaves me thinking that I'm working with the new settings.

    Then I scroll down and see that only the first 128 records have been updated with the new column widths. Pressing F5 every time after reopening solves this problem, but the dialog already implies to refresh the compare, so it confused me somewhat. FYI: this kind of issues reduce my trust in the reliability of Beyond Compare a little bit. I hope you can explain or fix this in the next build.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Regressie,

    Thanks for the bug report. The Data Compare will be fixed to refresh all lines, not just the first 128, in our next release (3.0.11).
    Erik Scooter Software


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      Perfect! Thank you.