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Data Compare with no key column

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  • Data Compare with no key column

    It does not seem possible to compare using the data compare session unless the data has a key column. This works fine for database work, but when comparing xls sheets, that may have spaces in the first column or duplicate contents, it does not work. The default of column 1 being a key column makes BC compare totaly different lines against each other.

    Is there any way to have a cell-by-cell compare?

    I created a new text based compare using the same xls2csv program (the BC2 way) and though output is not aligned by the commas, the data does stay in the correct order.

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    There is a 'unsorted alignment' option in the session settings. Took a while to find that one!

    Is it possible to have this on a toolbar in the data compare window, or have 'Key Column (Sorted)' and 'Key Column (Unsorted)' on the context menu of the columns?