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  • Zooming in Picture Compare

    In picture comapre mode, the zooming operation in BC3 seems the same as BC2 ... which I think could use a slight improvement, or I'm over looking something.

    As an example, I've got two rather large images, 7200 pixels x 7200 pixels. The only difference between the two is small area in the middle.

    After doing an Auto Zoom, I would like to go directly to the area of difference so that I can see the detail. However, there is no means to select an area to zoom to. If, I use the Zoom In, I have not control over the area it zooms to ... it allways appears to zoom with some relationship relative to the top left corner.

    Even if I move the sliders in each window all the way to the bottom and all the way to the right it still zooms to an area other than I have highlighted on the screen.

    Is there any way to have improved control over the area to which it will zoom?


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    Most graphic viewers allow a user to click on an area of the screen to perform a zoom operation. The position of the mouse pointer would signify the area of the image to be centered after the zoom operation completes.

    There could be three different ways to support such functionality:

    1) Change the "magnifying glass" icons on the toolbar into toggle buttons. When the (+) magnifying glass button is depressed, left-clicking on the picture will zoom in at that position. When the (-) magnifying glass is depressed, left-clicking on the picture will zoom out at that position.

    2) Leave the current zoom buttons as is, but also provide a "zoom" mode in which the mouse pointer looks like a magnifying glass. Left-click to zoom in to the current mouse location. Right-click to zoom out.

    3) Provide a zoom sub menu on the right-click context menu. Allow a user to right-click on the picture and choose zoom in or zoom out from the context menu.

    In all cases, mouse position would determine how to center the zoomed image.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Thanks for the suggestions. I've made a tracker entry on these issues and ideas.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Here's an issue related to image zooming. At least under Win XP, autozoomed images in a (BC build 456) maximized window seem to zoom just a hair too far, hiding a column of pixels on the right side of the image. I mention XP because I think Microsoft must've changed some of the default "chrome" parameters to support skins/themes -- but I dunno whether it affects Vista.

        I'm trying to upload a screenshot, but I just end up with an empty window after hitting the upload button on the popup. A good test comparison is %windir%\winnt.bmp and %windir%\winnt256.bmp. On a 1024x768 screen with the comparison set to side-by side display it zooms to 120%, and the bottom left-right scrollbar becomes visible. Manually zooming to 119% seems to fit. (This is also in Tolerance Mode, meaning there's a third pane in the middle showing differences, and this affects autozoom size as well.)
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          Thought I'd give another try at posting a screenshot of the image plugin problem I was describing in the previous post.


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            I am unable to reproduce this. Can you send your settings (Help -> Support) to [email protected]?
            Erik Scooter Software


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              Settings are on their way.


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                We've reproduced this inhouse and it will be fixed in the next release.
                Zoë P Scooter Software


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                  What about zooming control

                  Love BC3 -- asked the boss for licenses so as soon as she's over the flu...

                  But what about the zoom control issue? Zooming into and out of the image relative to the upper left corner is sloppy and painful. I want to use higher resolution images in my regression tests but this is holding me back.



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                    Changing the zoom behavior is on our wish list for a future release. In the current version it will always zoom from the top left corner.
                    Chris K Scooter Software