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  • Hybrid Session Type

    My out-of-the-box thinking at work again...

    There is something that I've thought of many times since BC2 days. I would like to suggest it as a future enhancement.

    I envision a special hybrid session type that has a folder session pane on one side, and a data session pane on the other side. The data session side would consist of columns that correspond to the columns on the folder session side:

    Name, Size, Modified, CRC, etc.

    One could copy from the folder session pane to the data session pane. This would record the contents of the folder session by storing the names of the files, the size, the modified date/time stamp, the CRC value (if that column is visible), etc.

    One could also copy from the data session pane back to the folder session pane (except for orphans, of course). Obviously, one cannot alter the size or CRC of the physical files in the folder session a copy would, in effect, "touch" the physical files with the names and modified date/time stamps that exist in the data session pane.

    Several uses of such a hybrid session type:

    1) It would allow a user to capture a "historical" summary of folder contents in a .csv file. For example, I would capture the folder structure of our entire code base after our final product build before each public release of our product. Comparing two .csv files created at two different times would allow a user to see, at a high-level, what has changed in the folder structure between any two releases without having to do resource intensive and time consuming label comparisons in the version control software.

    2) Many version control solutions do not support retaining the modified date-time stamps of the files a user checks in. I would also use such a hybrid session type to capture the datetime stamps of a labeled code base that I've stored in version control. When I retrieve that code base by it's label at a later date, I would use the hybrid session type to touch the modified date/time stamps in the entire folder structure back to how it was at check-in.

    I realize that such a hybrid session type would be quite challenging to implement. If you see the merit of such a hybrid session type, however, I would appreciate having it added to the customer wish list. Thanks.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    It sounds like this is just two feature requests:

    1) Support saving BCSS snapshots as CSV files instead of their current binary format.
    2) Allow modifying them by "copying" files to them and deleting/renaming/touching existing files within them.

    Am I missing anything?
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      An interactive snapshot session... Yes, I suppose you could think of it that way.

      Speaking of snapshots... the help file says: "If you load a snapshot on the command line (or drag a snapshot file onto the Beyond Compare icon), the program will automatically compare the snapshot with the original folder."

      If I open a new folder compare session then open a snapshot on one side of the compare, it would be nice if there were an option to automatically load the original folder on the other side. It would also be nice to have:
      • A configurable folder path in which BC3 saves snapshot files
      • An "Open snapshot" option on the Session drop-down menu that defaults to that folder, or lets you browse for snapshot files in other locations.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        If a "snapshot session" was interactive (with the ability to updated it with copy, delete, touch, or synchronize operations) then I would be content with that instead of adding a new "hybrid data/folder session".

        However, a checkbox on the Save Snapshot dialog to save the information in a .csv file instead of a .bcss file would also be a welcome feature.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761