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Data Compare - why must there be a key.

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  • Data Compare - why must there be a key.

    I wanted to compare two files, each of which has a set of numbers separated by "|". I set up an appropriate file format.

    I expected a line by line comparison of each column. However BC simply assumed the lines were new in the second file and the first file lines were missing from it. I.e.

    x|x|x ...
    ... x|x|x

    I realised it had done this because the first column was the key and all the numbers in the first column were different in each file. I found a column where the numbers were the same in both files, made that the key column and everything lined up.

    My question is: why does there have to be a key column? Could I suggest that you remove this necessity. BC can simply use the line number as the (hidden) key. This would be a user choice along the lines of "use line number as key?".